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1.Fundamentals and contract

All trainees must be in possession of a signed provisional driving licence on commencement of training and must satisfy the eyesight requirement.

If you are under 18 at the time of signing this agreement, it must also be countersigned by a responsible adult who will accept joint liability for the performance of your obligations.

If you are over 18 but not paying for your lessons, this agreement must also be signed by the person assuming responsibility for the payments.


2.Booking lessons

All lessons will be booked in advance, and where possible I will allocate you a regular timeslot.

Due to the increased time required between lessons for cleaning and sanitising the vehicle, preference will be given to pupils booking lessons of 90 minutes duration.

A discount will be given for block bookings of five  90 minute lessons in advance.


3.Payment for lessons

All lessons must be paid for by bank transfer in advance.


4.Medical Conditions – general

It is essential that I am notified in advance of training, of any medical conditions, physical or mental, that may affect your ability to drive, because this can be dangerous for you and for other road users. If in doubt about the relevance of a particular condition you must notify me and take my advice.

In some cases I may require you to take advice from a medical practitioner before accepting you for lessons.

Failure to do so may invalidate my school’s insurance and leave you personally liable for any damage or consequential loss.

I reserve the right to refuse lessons at any time if in my sole judgement you are unfit to drive as a result of a medical condition, late night or over indulgence in drugs or alcohol. If this happens you will not be entitled to a refund.



5.Preparation for your lesson

Ensure that any necessary payment has been made in advance.

Bring your signed Terms of Business if this is your first lesson.


6.Cancellation of booked lessons

At least 48 hours notice must be given by you if there is a need to cancel or rearrange a lesson booking. Failure to give this notice will result in a valid claim for an equivalent value in compensation. However, if the cancelled lesson can be rearranged within the same week then no charge will be made for the cancelled lesson.

There will be an exception for lessons cancelled for Covid-19 related reasons.


7.Official Driving Tests

A two hour booking is required to use the training vehicle for the Practical Test which includes a preparation lesson.


You will take my advice before booking a driving test as to whether I consider you to be ready.

I reserve the right to withhold the training vehicle for the driving test if, in my opinion, you have not reached the required standard.


You will also consult me before booking a particular time slot for a test in order to ensure that the training vehicle can be made available for you without undue inconvenience to other pupils.

If you fail to do this you may have to make your own arrangements for a vehicle.


In the event the test is cancelled by the DVSA, I will charge for only one hour.  The DVSA will offer you a new test date and time.

Trainees should be aware that the test fee will be forfeited if 5 clear working days notice of a cancellation is not given to the DVSA. This does not include Sundays, bank holidays, the day of cancellation or the day of the test.



Fees include trainee’s cover for insurance liability claims whilst driving the school’s vehicle, providing that the trainee is duly licensed to drive and is accompanied on test by a DSA examiner or under direction of the instructor.


9.Personal Property

Every endeavour is made to safeguard the personal property of any trainee, but please be advised that I accept no responsibility whatsoever for jewellery, cash, clothing or other property that may be left in the training vehicle.


10.Complaints Procedure

Any complaints should be made in the first instance to Go Solo Driver Training. In the

event of being unable to reach an agreement or settle a dispute, you may seek further guidance as set out in the ADI code of practice.